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Workshop on Vectors

Wissam Chaya

Overview of Vectors

1 - For a start, An overview about vectors:

What is the difference between and ?
How do we perform vector subtraction of ?

Applications of Vectors

For each of the following application, draw a diagram and show vectors acting on the object. Define these vectors and answer the questions related when applicable.

Plane and the Wind 

The River Boat 

Parabolic Motion of projectile 

Throw at the Monkey in a Gravity Free environment 

Throw at the Monkey at a slow speed with Gravity on 

Horizontally Launched Projectiles

What are the initial vx and vy speeds?

What are the final vx and vy speed (when it hits the ground)?

Non-Horizontally Lauched Projectile 

What are the initial vx and vy speeds?

What are the vx and vy at the peak?

What are the final vx and vy speeds (when it hits the ground)?

Maximum Range 

At what angle is the maximum range can be obtained?

The Plane and the package

Why does the package fall just underneath the moving plane?

The Truck and the Ball

Why does the fall back on the moving truck?

If you were sitting on the truck, how would you see the path of the ball: As a projectile or as a vertical up/down path?

Throw paper !

Can you throw the paper in the basket?

Play ! Consider the wind direction and speed as well as the velocity direction of your thrown paper.
Can you score? how many?
Finally draw a diagram of all vectors involved in this game!

Viewing 3D vectors

3D Vectors

Math & physics puzzles


Relative Motion

Helena Dedic

Relative Motion

More on Vectors

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